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The Portsmouth Redevelopment & Housing Authority strives to provide peaceful, safe, and enjoyable communities for all of our residents.  PRHA’s Security Programs & Risk Management Department works closely with local law enforcement agencies. It assists in both the apprehension and prosecution of criminal offenders and takes independent action when necessary for various infractions such as issuing citations or recommending lease terminations.

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                                              Our mission statement

The mission of the PRHA Patrol Unit is to enhance security and safety by conducting dedicated, proactive patrol on all PRHA managed properties, thereby protecting the properties, assets, residents, guests, and employees of the Portsmouth Redevelopment Housing Authority.

                                  Special Conservators of the Peace
Special Conservators of the Peace (S-COP’s) are created under VA Code 19.2-13. After completion of the required training, background investigation, and satisfactory demonstration of practical skills, they apply for and receive an appointment by the Circuit Court. Once sworn, S-COPS have all the powers, functions, duties, responsibilities, and authority of any other Conservator of the Peace, within such geographical limitations as the Court may deem appropriate. PRHA officers are licensed and certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services to have full arrest and investigative powers.

The Security Programs & Risk Management Department utilizes a variety of methods to ensure the safety of our residents including the use of camera surveillance systems. This technology aids the efforts of police in apprehending individuals engaged in criminal activity in addition to deterring future crime. It also institutes other safety measures such as electronic key entry into senior complexes and regular community patrols. The Security Programs & Risk Management Department regulates Housing Authority communities by maintaining a No Trespass list.  Listed in this document are those individuals not permitted on Housing Authority property due to criminal activity.  Residents can assist the Security Programs & Risk Management Department’s efforts by calling the police or using the PRHA tip line at (391-2908) to report the presence of any of these individuals in their communities.

The PRHA Security Programs & Risk Management Department utilizes all resources at its disposal to keep our communities safe.  One useful asset in accomplishing its goals, are the residents themselves. The Security Programs & Risk Management Department believes that the very people it is tasked to protect are an instrumental factor in the stability of safe and vibrant communities and therefore it challenges them to share in this responsibility. If you have witnessed a crime, or have information about criminal activity in your community, you can report it to us anonymously.

Please call 911 for emergencies
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Mark Carman – Security Programs & Risk Management Officer

Please anonymously report any suspicious activities below.