Become a HCV Landlord

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Aside from the retention of good tenants perhaps otherwise unable to afford the unit, the program provides an owner or landlord with:

  •  Guaranteed rent, together with an opportunity to fill vacant units.
  •  There is no annual adjustment factor for the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Rent increases are not limited by the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority. Rent increases have to be requested 60 days prior to the anniversary date of the lease. A Rent Reasonableness test is performed to determine if rents are reasonable as compared to unassisted units. Tenants may be responsible for the increase in rent.
  •  An incentive to rehabilitate substandard buildings.
  •  Contribution to the community by addressing a portion of very low-income housing needs through the utilization of existing housing stock.

In exchange for these benefits, the landlord is requested to

  • Agree to a manual inspection by the Authority confirming housing quality standards.
  • Notify the tenant and Authority in writing of proposed eviction, at least 20 days in advance.
  • Comply with standard nondiscrimination and affirmative marketing requirements.

Note: There are NO requirements to renegotiate a lease after its expiration if the owner or landlord is dissatisfied with the program.

There are NO requirements to lease additional units under the program after leasing one. Any type of rental housing qualifies (single-family homes, apartments, and mobile homes) provided it meets applicable program standards.

See below helpful HQS, Landlord, and Inspections resources.

HUD Housing Quality Standards (HQS)

City of Portsmouth Rental Housing Inspection program

Fair Housing Handbook.

Lead-Based Paint Regulations.

Preventing and Getting Rid of Bedbugs

equal housing

If you need additional information, please contact our office (757-399-5261) and speak with any member of the Housing Choice Voucher staff.

Is the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority looking for a number of available units in the City of Portsmouth?

Is the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority looking for specific areas or a specific number of units?

Is the government going to keep this program going and what is the duration?

Will you be able to select the tenants you want?

Are the people screened by the Authority?

What are the owner's responsibilities?

Is the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority responsible for conduct matters?

If you make your unit available, can you put another tenant in when someone vacates?

Would you provide information concerning inspections?

May the landlord's current lease be utilized in the program?

Is the landlord guaranteed a tenant?