Board of Commissioners



The Board of Commissioners of the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority is comprised of seven members who are appointed by the City Council of Portsmouth for a four-year term and are eligible for a one-time reappointment. All must either live in the City of Portsmouth or operate a business within the City limits. One Commissioner must be a resident of Public Housing or a Housing Choice Voucher Program participant. The Board meets on the third Thursday of each month at 5:00 p.m. and is responsible for governing the Agency and setting policy direction. Meetings are held at the Authority’s main office at 3116 South Street. Commissioners may be contacted through the Executive Office at 399-5261.

Commissioner B. LaLonde

Bruce LaLonde, Chairman


Miriam Jiggetts, Vice Chair

Commissioner Edward Barham IV    Edward Barham IV, Commissioner                                                     
new ZCost-Commissioner     Zeketa Cost, Commissioner

CliftonPickens       Clifton Pickens, Commissioner

Commissioner Sean Prince     Sean Prince, Commissioner
Commissioner Renee Wicks   Renee Wicks, Commissioner